Looking for Android Game Demos that Push the Limits!

Looking for examples of UE4 games (in development or demos in the wild) that really push the limits of what Android can do today. Game demos that run well only on Tegra K1 and higher.

Feel free to share them here. If you’re building for PC/Xbox/PS4, consider giving an Android build a try and sharing your results.

We’re looking for UE4 games to promote on Console OS when running on Intel Core processors - which is the fastest way to run games on Android today.

here you go
its in the early stages of development with a download to test, should be a big update next week :slight_smile:

Could build a version of that Sun Temple project with OpenGl es 3 (I think you need the UE source though). On my Snapdragon 800 device (running OpenGL ES 2.0), the framerate is just barely at the point where it would be sufficient for an rpg game (16 fps is about the lowest I get). The Tegra K should easily double that.

We’ve been offering SunTemple, but we’re pushing out 4.7.3 cross-compiled for ARM and x86, ES 2 and ES 3.1 later this week. A few other of the UE4 tech demos too.

On Sun Temple, you get about 25-30 fps on Tegra K1 (Nexus 9), and 35-40 fps on a typical Intel Core 2-in-1 running Console OS.

A laptop with Intel Iris Pro graphics and Console OS hits 60 fps easily.

Just a tip, Chris Price. You’ll probably get demos with a much higher, professional-level production value if you try contacting companies directly–forums are almost always a no-go. You are just going to get mainly homebrew, hobbyist projects here. As a backer of Console OS, I expected much better than this.

yeah there are no professional developers on this forum (kidding)
but ConsoleOSBacker does have a point, you should deff contact the developers of ‘Godus’. its an amazing game but runs at around 2fps (at best) on a 2013 nexus 7.