Looking for an UE4 Tutor - Architecture/Engineering/Construction


I work for a top tier multidisciplinary engineering consultant in the UK and am interested engaging with an experienced developer to help tutor a small group of our staff, face to face in using UE4 for project visualisation. This includes VR using the Vive, Desktop/ Web and potentially IOS deployment. We want to move past creating basic animations using pre-defined templates and towards building effective UI and basic interactivity within the world (especially in VR).

Fee’s will depend on Experience and the proposed method of deployment.


Hi @OssianWhiley,

I’ve moved your thread into the job offerings rather than the work-wanted forum. As you’re a new poster you can’t send / receive private messages yet (this is an unfortunate measure that had to be taken to avoid large amounts of PMs from spammers), there’s no way for people to contact you!

This is however something I may be able to do, dependent on your needs - you can reach me at lparkes[AT]deskdragons[DOT]com.


please addme to skype im pep814

Aha! I was wondering why i couldn’t PM. Please find me on LinkedIn if you’d like to discuss this opportunity.

still in need of someone? pls pm


Thanks for your response, however the vacancy has now been filled.