Looking for an inexpensive laptop which is still capable of running UE4 editor

Hey guys!

I am going to travel in a few months. After considering the option of taking my entire desktop PC on an airplane I came to a conclusion that a much more reliable option would be just buying an inexpensive laptop to use during the travel.

What I need is:

  • Inexpensive (within $1000)
  • Price-efficient - I want the maximum cpu/gpu power out of the limited budget
  • Capable of running UE4 editor at an acceptable frame rate (not necessarily at the highest possible quality)
  • Bigger screen is a big plus
  • Ability to connect an external monitor is a huge plus. In this case it might have a small screen.

What I won’t need:

  • I don’t care much about ssd/hdd speeds. I can stand greater loading times for a while.
  • I won’t be using this laptop for light baking.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


PS. If anyone of you guys is selling a used machine I would definitely consider that!

If you are selling please PM me the following information:

  • Manufacturer/model name
  • The specs
  • The machine’s age
  • Your price
  • Your location

In the $1000 range these could be a good option:

Asus Laptops? Shocking overheating issues - imo avoid…:eek:

I have been using Asus laptops and having friends buying Asus laptops for many years with no issues at all. Never found a defective unit.
I would avoid Dell instead which features so crippled BIOS/UEFI firmwares that is even way worse than HP.

Others on here have experienced major problems with Asus as well. Follow the 3 links in this post for example … I’ve bought Asus laptops for friends and family before though. Asus netbooks were once a really great product. Install Linux on one today and you still have something super portable too. Off the back of that, I bought two top-spec Asus around the release of UE4 (each $2k off Amazon). Out of the box both repeatedly locked-up with flashing orange / purple displays.

Getting in touch with Asus you quickly learn ‘global warranty’ means Mexico / America / Canada only… Within a couple of years both laptops graduated to constant hardware reboots. Conclusion: They run hot! Half the time they reboot cold from standby too - WTF?.. So do your homework. The main issue with Asus overall though is support. Should you have problems, they’re completely disinterested… Or worse, reckless. Anyone bought an Asus recently and NOT seen this?

Heard good things about MSI though, so will try them next maybe. HP? Junk… Dell? Untrustworthy… Bought more Dell for work than any other brand, but not going back. Lenovo can eat dirt too for shipping ‘Superfish’. So what’s left? :stuck_out_tongue: Alienware (Very expensive and still Dell)… Acer (can’t say, never used them)… Better to avoid buying second-hand though. Lifespan is short as gaming laptops tend to run hot / overheat, eventually leading to GPU ./ Motherboard failure (rarely fixable).

I would suggest you look into Predators.

I wouldn’t necessarily go brand by brand, its very common to have brands that have good series and bad series of laptops out at the same time. And that can change year by year.

True, but it’d still be nice to know if one brand is offering better support than another right now. Laptops tend to come with more baggage than Desktops, so if you need support knowing its there is key. Plus, as a consumer you want to reward the guy whose trying harder than the others, rather than just playing some consumer Russian-roulette.

That malware incident shows Asus is a corporation that just doesn’t care. There was no apology, and no real help ensuring the malware was actually removed. So its still an attack vector for hackers. Plus if you got hit, there’s ZERO support to remove all the additional payloads. That’s a fail, they don’t deserve the business, irrelevant of series.

But how do you decide which series to buy anyway, how do you figure out if the particular model you’re looking at is a turkey etc??? Fake reviews have become an industrial process. Examples 1 2 3 4… Paid reviews sometimes just as much… So its hard to infer anything reliable. I’d like to see more hints or reviews on here, but the forums are dead…