Looking for an experienced team to take on my project

I have a project i would like to be developed all written down on paper with a big GDD and details written across the board, I already know how I want to tackle the project what to do etc… However I need a team to do the work, I of course can pay, or do a royalty deal as well, but not an insane amount so of course I would like the team to be open for negotiation. Anyhow I will be listing some parts of the game. It is an FPS free to play game with three different modes. The game is going to be realistic art style and will contain some unique features and some classic ones from past games. It is a fairly moderate sized project so I know time will be taken. I do have some assets to provide already done for some parts of the game. I would like the team to contain everything from programmers to modelers and animators to make the game. I dont need to 100 percent full game to be done but most of it at least, this can be negotiated when we talk of course as well. Anyhow this is all for now, if anyone interested in taking on this project please email me at
Thank you.