Looking for an experienced Rigger & Animator

Hi we’re in need an experienced rigger & animator to join the team, we make VR games. Tasks would be from creating hand rigs, character rigging and skinning to animations and mocap retargeting/cleaning.

Talent Required:
Rigger & Animator

  • 5 years of Maya or Blender experience
  • Experience with animation, rigs and IK in Unreal.
  • Available full time
  • MotionBuilder skills (optional)

If you’re interested send your CV or/and portfolio to jobs (at)

Hey hey! We have decades of experience in Maya and actually we were one of the first outfits to start working with VR in UE4 so I would love to take that experience and put it to good work on your projects. We also have a metric ton of experience with Mobu so this sounds like a match made in heaven

For the rig