Looking for an easy way to copy Level Blueprint and functions onto a new Map

So in the Ark (Sotf) Devkit i have made a new map for Sotf and started from scratch.

following some tutorials and informations i can find about the topic.

Now my Map is >< completed and i ended up finding out that the Main Map (The Island) is using this enormous Level Blueprint with a lot of functions and routing.

i can not find it inside the content browser nor can i easily copy and paste functions or graphs.

does that mean i have to add al the functions myself and reroute all of the events or is there an easier way?

please let me know!

thank you!

Generally you should avoid placing anything in level blueprint that should be reusable in diffrent map… or else you hit this kind of issues, level blueprint exists exclusively for level specific scripting. So what is in The Island map level blueprint is either intended to be used only on this map… or it’s a design flaw.

You have 2 options, either recreate what you need… somehow best would to convert it to seperete blueprint, or copy the The Island map and clear it content except level blueprint (if that action does not break Ark’s EULA or something) but keep in mind clearing up level might seriously mess up level blueprint in it. Safest option is recreation.

I never played Ark so i’m not sure why you need that level blueprint for, but if you think it’s something that should be reusable in different maps then you should suggest Ark developers to sperate that level blueprint code to separate blueprint (to some GameMode for example) so it can be used on different maps without any messy issues