Looking for an current level streaming tutorial or info

I know there are a few videos out there but they don’t quite seem to help me.

I am working on a large tiled landscape for an open world game so there is a door or an object that would trigger the new level.

Would really appreciate help to point me in the right direction for this situation where I just need the different tiles to load.

Also is there no way to have them stay loaded in the project everytime I open it? I always seem to have to open the levels window and load them all everytime (I assume its related to not having level streaming setup?)

Check out LOC tutorials and their usage. They will help a lot with level loading times specially if you have a bunch of different poly objects for the intervals.

The trick with understanding the tutorials is remembering that they are teaching you the knowledge its up to you to use said knowledge to inpliment it into your project.

One simple method is to use the open door as a trigger to load the next level. Or have an invisible sphere that triggers the level load instead so its loaded before the players open the door.

Also check out epics flying kite open word demo, gives some good ideas as to how to handle level processing on a large scale as too layout.