Looking for an animator

Paid job. Looking an experienced animator for UE4 who’d be able to modify some of Kubold’s animations, as well as make some new ones.

  1. We’re going to use “Sword Animset Pro”, which is an animation pack that is intended to be used with only a sword in one hand. We want those animations to hold a shield in the other (we’re aware of the “sword and shield” pack by Kubold, but we can’t use it for various reasons). Right now, the left hand dangles freely.
    We need the left hand to form a fist, stop dangling around and rotate inwards a little. All in all, 8-10 animations need to be modified like that.
    The arm itself also needs to come up a little in a defensive manner, since it’s now supposed to hold a shield.

  2. We need a combat sidestep animations just like these ones: https://youtu.be/dAbaZOHU9x8?t=78
    We need 3 directions: backwards, right and left.
    Animation starts from combat idle, and returns to combat idle afterwards.
    We’re not sure whether this animation would play well with the crossbow idle stance. In case it doesn’t, we’ll need separate sidestep animations for crossbow as well.

  3. A crossbow reloading animation. 4.5 secs in length.

  4. Aim offsets for sword animations (only vertical).

After this job is done, we’d have more tasks for you a few times/month.

Please post your portfolio, experience with animating for UE4, rates, questions, etc, or send all that information to codespartan.supp@gmail.com
Thank you.