Looking for an Animator for an already in EA released survival game and a new ARPG

Rebel Camp Games originally started with me as a solo developer working on the Hack and Slash Action RPG Emberheart. After a year or so, I realized the scope of such a project was too big to handle alone so I put the project on hold. I started on a survival hunting/archery game called Forests of Augusta. After 4 months of intense development, the game released in early access on 2nd july 2018. The initial feedback of players was that the price was too high and there was too little content, so now I’m developing a new game mode and a campaign for Forests of Augusta and adjusted the pricing. At this point, I can no longer develop everything on my own and thus I’m looking for aspiring talent to help me on my adventure.

Here’s the game on Steam:…ts_of_Augusta/

Having started my own business and having released my first title in Early Access, I don’t sit still. I’m already planning out the next project and making a lot of progress on it. I want to go bigger and bolder. With better documentation, better organisation and a team to help me out.

The next project is called Skyblade Chronicles and will be a Multiplayer Hack and Slash ARPG that takes the best elements from games like Path of Exile, Diablo 2/3, Torchlight 2, Grim Dawn, Vikings, Wolcen etc… and combine them in a new game that follows the success formulae I came up with being “A new game in an existing genre should be 33% the same, 33% Improved and 34% new”.

The initial version of the GDD is almost completely written and although there is still room for improvements to be made, there is enough info for programmers and artists to start working.

Here are some movies of Emberheart to show you I have lots of experience creating H&S ARPG games:

We currently are 11 people:

  • Stefan (Me): Director, Designer, UI Designer, Programmer, Environment artist, Web developer and QA Test Analyst
  • FoxieMoose: Character Concept Artist
  • Luigi: 3D Environment Artist
  • Joel: Music Composer
  • XpiredMana: Story/Lore Writer
  • Esteban: Music Composer
  • Ryan: 3D environment, props and characters modeller (also some animation)
  • Moneeb: 3D Character/Creature Artist
  • Russell: 3D Art Lead / Texturing Artist
  • Haahn: Environment Concept Artist
  • Sharkee: QA Tester
  • DigitalKarnage: Multiplayer Programmer

The team needs to be expanded and we are looking for the following people:

  • Animator

As Forests of Augusta has only just released and didn’t sell too much yet (which is why I need a marketing specialist) these jobs are unpaid. The moment I can pay you, I will, but sadly that is not an option right now.

The plan is to continue development on Forests of Augusta until it generates some revenue. At the same time I’m designing Skyblade Chronicles and leading the team for it so everyone got something to do. The plan is to make a demo in 5-6 months for Skyblade Chronicles and then go for a Kickstarter Campaign and pitch the game to Publishers. I also have the ability to get a 150k dollar business grant, but I’m only willing to risk that when we have a good demo after 6 months.

If you got any skills and interest for the open positions (or any other skill you think might be useful) contact “Stefan” in our Discord Server at

Please make sure when you contact me you are willing to do a voice call and are prepared for some job interview questions. Also have a link to your portfolio or relevant work samples ready to show.

Hope to hear from u soon!

Kind regards,

Stefan from Rebel Camp Games

Hello i’m not a marketing specialist but i do know that people do not like laggy trailers. would change that asap, it doesn’t give off a good vibe. Just saying! Hope it goes better for you guys! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up! I’m looking into changing that asap. Sadly I had to record the video on my old laptop as I don’t have a license for a second pc for my recording software, but I guess I have to buy a new license now anyway

Now working out how I can provide a revenue-share %. Contact me for more info.

Positions for 3D environment artist, 3D character/creature artist, story writer, music composer have been filled!

Still looking for Animator, Environment Concept Artist, Marketing Specialist and a Multiplayer Programmer!

Positions for Marketing Specialist, Texturing Artist and Environment Concept Artist are filled! Thanks for all the applications people!

Multiplayer programmer position is filled!

Still looking for an Animator as last position!