Looking for an animation supervisor

Hello Everyone,

I am a filmmaker in search of an experienced animation supervisor who understands and works with Unreal Engine, someone capable of assisting me in budgeting, overseeing the team, and managing the animation process.

The script has garnered recognition as a winner of the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, a finalist at the New York International Screenplay Awards, and has been nominated at the Rome Prisma Awards.

Genre: Animation / Drama / Suspense

Logline: A lonely kid is welcomed by a mysterious lady in a frightening city, where religion is forbidden.

In this unique story, the absence of dialogue portrays the fear of the unknown while exploring the timeless themes of faith, belonging, and hope that unite us when confronted with the most terrifying circumstances.

I would be delighted to share the script with you and answer any additional questions you may have. If you know someone who could fit the job, please pass on the message.

Feel free to get in touch with me by sending your reel or work via email at force@ioone.art. I’m excited to see your creations!

Looking forward to your response