Looking for AI blueprint and/or C++ programmer to join my small team

Hello, the names youcef though I go by scorp online. I am currently working on a game with 1 other programmer on a game called Eion. An open-world survival game similar to Minecraft with the building and mining, only more detailed (example) and combat and crafting similar to Ark: survival evolved (example) but with a few twists and my own design (it’s still being worked on).

I am looking for someone who has a decent experience working with AI as well as setting up their animation bp & notifies. here are what the Mobs models along with animations (most custom ones done by me) as well as the updated zombie animations.
There are going to be a few different types of AI, from passive grazing ones that herd together or spread apart to aggressive monsters that either chase you down or try to get out of your reach and attack you from range. as well as flying AI that can interact or attack with the player. stuff like that. If you also have experience with making Tamable AI that would be great (A mix of ark and Minecraft where if you get the monsters health low enough it will faint and if you give it food and it wakes back up, it will become somewhat of a companion and fight alongside you if an enemy gets close or you attack).

Extra is if you have experience working with particle effects though that isn't necessary.

if you are interested or just want to hear more about the project, send me a message on discord (Scorpneo#6070) and we can talk more there.
thanks in advance

Hi @Scorpiologist

Do you have a Game Design Document/Journal? Do you do 3D Modeling?

At the moment no, and I know basic modeling. I’m much better suited for animating 3D models as apposed to modeling them