Looking for advice rpg singleplayer/multiplayer

Hi! i just moved into unreal engine and i’m looking to make an arpg with some rts elements (buildings update, village, etc) and some maps.

if posible, in the future i would like to add multiplayer maps, what do you think about starting it as offline game and then later add the multiplayer features?

would it be better to start making everything multiplayer from the start?

thanks in advance!

It depends on what you mean by multiplayer. In general if you’re going to have an elaborate multiplayer system then that will have an effect on how you design the game because some things caused by multiplayer features could impact performance requiring changes to gameplay and graphics.

Also, if you’re just starting out, then try something smaller before you do something that big.

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It can be done, but it can also be a total PITA requiring a complete rewrite of all the major game systems, in which case stay away from ledges on tall buildings! :p… That said, overall there’s no escape from learning how to convert from singleplayer to multiplayer anyway imo, as there’s just so many kits / packs / projects that are singleplayer-only. But essentially what you really need to think about is this… If your game is character heavy and all the characters use the CMC, then a lot of functionality is provided out of the box for free. However, if you have a physics heavy game such as a fast paced 3D vehicle or space shooter with lots of collisions (think Rocket League), then that’s a big ask. In general, your chances of making a production multiplayer game as your first game anyway are slim. A prototype is definitely doable though if you’re determined enough.:wink:

Yeah, for sure going to aim for a protype with horrible graphics, i have no hurry and it’s mainly to learn. I have been working with unity for one year and recently changed to unreal, loving it so far.

i guess the best way to describe what i want would be something like torchlight, diablo, etc. Where you can play alone or join a 4 friends squad to grind.

i think i’m going with single player and then updating it later if needed and if it gets too hard, just re-do it. In the end, the purpose of this is to learn and have fun doing the game.

It is better to start with multiplayer if you intend to have multiplayer. Going back and adding multiplayer is prone to errors and more effort than doing it from the beginning.