[Looking for advice] pvp 1vs1 real time mobile multiplayer game recommended implementation.

Im looking for way to make a 1vs1 game for mobile. Here are my options

1- Sessions; I have been testing sessions but they dont work over the internet with mobile phones. It is possible to connect different devices over wifi, but with mobile data it never works.
2- Dedicated server: Not tried. Kind of overkill and expensive for a 1v1 game (i supppose)
3- websockets plugin: It works on any device, With a nodejs server is easy to implement connection. The bad: Forget about replication. You have to build all the logic on the nodejs server , in my case bullet collisions and damage and probably prediction.
4. Fsocket: The idea was to use ue4 libraries without using plugins. I achieved connection to nodejs server but the server its not getting data sent by the client. Also forget about replication.
5- Fhttp, varest, etc. Not implemented but i think that its the same that 3 and 4.

Any have a idea or have implemented something like this?

Looks like this could be the answer