[Looking for advice] Pseudo 2d game


I’m currently developing a small game (single level, more like a prototype of a game) as an exercise/hobby.
I decided on making a little pseudo 2d “RPG-alike” game. I’ve studied through all of the tutorials about 2d UE4 development I could find in a few days (official ones and ones on youtube from random guys) but I still can’t think of a reasonable way to implement what I want.

Here’s my problem: the world of the game is 3D (so everything has 3 coordinates: the character, for example, can move north/south/west/east and can jump, but I want all graphics to be 2D (sprites and flipbooks).
So my idea was to create model-view pairs for everything: 3d invisible volume (model) + visible 2d sprite that is a projected to some visible plane.

I made it easily with hand written code in MonoGame but I can’t find a way to do the same thing in UE4. All the ways I’ve tried so far feel insanely complicated (like creating a custom character from a pawn, adding custom movement, adding custom 3d collision and sprite component that is projected to a visible plane on each tick).

So my question is: “Are there any tips/tricks/patterns/maybe tutorials about making good ol’ isometric games in UE4? Not 2d games with 2d mechanics (which is obviously covered by paper2d tutorial), but 2d games with 3d mechanics”

Thank you.