Looking for advice on porting my game from UDK to UE4

I’m a year and a half into development. It’s an environmental exploration / puzzle game. Pretty small world, just a couple floors of one building but it’s made up of a lot of pieces. I’m about 1/2 way done arting out the levels.

I’ve heard there are some tools to help re-place static meshes from UDK to UE4?

One thing I’m concerned about is it seems like VR support for UDK is becoming more and more outdated and UE4 looks much easier to work with. On the other hand I’m very worried about porting becoming a huge time sink. Would it take a month? two months? or six months to port?

Just looking for some advice, and if anyone knows of tools to help convert the maps.


Thank you so much.

How much game scripting and kismet is involved?

For the gameplay code, it’s going to have to be redone. We ported from UDK to UE4. For us it didn’t take especially long, the art was faster than the gameplay code as it was mostly just resizing and importing. But, we did not have complicated environments. I don’t think it’s possible to say it will take a month or any time in particular. You may be able to do it over the weekend or it may take a long time.


You will have to recreate all of them in the UE4 -> it will be pretty easy to do that :slight_smile:

You have to create everything from scratch

You can easily export the meshes as a fbx/obj and reimport them into the UE4


When your complete scene is a mesh, you could export all part as a fbx/obj -> import it into your 3d program -> connect all parts of the mesh (so that you have one big mesh in the end) -> import it. I don’t know if there is a better solution, but it will work :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are some tools:

By the way, your games looks awesome! :smiley:

Just curious how long did it take you guys? Did you convert your Unrealscript to blueprint or C++ ?

C++ vs Blueprint seems like another big question I have. I got pretty comfortable in Unrealscript so maybe C++ would be ok but I think I always was better at prototyping stuff in kismet…

The art assets are the easiest thing to bring over, all your settings for them would be the same for the most part.
For gameplay, that’s more complicated Blueprints are taking over for Unrealscript but you may find something you aren’t able to do with blueprints which would need C++ work.

Hi man,

Combining the whole map into huge meshes wouldn’t be good at all. I succeeded in porting a level with all meshes separate but it was a huge hassle. It’ll take you a couple of days for the level plus all your assets probably.

I have a reply in a thread from about a month ago that had more info on how I did it. I use an advanced text replace tool to covert udk copy paste I to ue4 copy paste, and that way I could paste all meshes in on the same locations and scales as the original map, however I believe rotation didn’t port over and all assets themselves you still need to manually port over also.

was intensely boring work to do, but ue4 is way better than ue3 so it may be worth it.