Looking for advice giving support to users (crashes, etc)

Hi guys,

My game is in alpha-testing phase in googleplay store. Today one tester experimented a crash and I was wondering what would be the best way to get more information about this crash …

This crash is repeteable (every time she starts the game, after some time the game crashes). This is a bit weird because among the 10 testers she is the only one experimenting this.

I’m a bit lost on how could I get more info and what would be the best practices in this alpha testing stage (and in production!).

Can I activate logs in distribution releases?

Can I debug in distribution releases?

Can I get some kind of coredump in distribution releases?

I have thought to make some logs and traces for this stage but it would not be suitable in production.

So I’m looking for generic advice here.

Thanks in advance,

Have the user click the Report button when it crashes?

View crashes & application not responding (ANR) errors :

Just adding the obvious: If necessary, you would contact the user and provide a debug build via a direct download link. No to rest. Release is release. And lastly, decided before release in what scenarios a quick refund and apology note would be best for you both.

Hi ngrts,

Thanks for the ANR thing.

In my case there is no such a possibility: The game just crashes without saying a thing. It only happens to two of my alpha testers.

In this case, how could I get more information? I guess I will need access to the physical device in order to try to spot the crash log. Any other idea?

Yes, you would give them a link to download debug build and directions on how to enable manual install… Ofcourse it looks different in all the different skins by OEMs.

So key is to decide whats worth your time to support before hand (and maybe with your apps device demographic).

Thanks for the input, at least in alpha testing it could be useful. Do you know if google provides some kind of apk hosting for debug builds? I think i can not upload an APK with debug symbols even if its in alpha stage (non public)

No, you should be able to upload a debug APK even to release. You’re probably hitting a different issue. default debug generated signing key has 365 day expiration date, and Playstore wants expiration date of Oct 22 2033 or later.

Use the free associated with your Google developer account. Use the default option of sharing it with specific person(s) by giving their Google account(s). Use anything Google as they shouldn’t site you for excessive traffic,… if its for your Google Play Store activity.

Yep, I have already this configured for testing with my own debug builds. Take into account this does not allow you to upload debug apks to playstore. Its only for testing google play services with debug key but not to distribute this apk through the store.

At least I have not found how to do so (upload an APK with debug key to the apple store).

Problem with distributing the APK + OBB through “traditional” sites like dropbox, drive, etc is that the setup for the alpha testers would be a bit more tedious (they should have

Thanks, just spent a while with it myself. You’re right. Couldn’t believe it. While I’ve read a lot, i actually hadn’t tried to publish to Play Store yet. Nothing mentioned this “tiny” quirk anywhere. Though, I really can understand Google’s position on this.

If your UE build has Packaging->“Package .pak in APK” option than its just as simple as uploading the single APK to Google Drive, share to testers Google accounts(view only), user downloads inside Drive App and hits Install when prompted… I’m on 5.0.1. So YMMV.

I looked at Amazon to see how they handle it (Enable Unknown Sources) for their Appstore. Pretty straight forward.

FYI, had to change my DNS off Norton’s ConnectSafe DNS so APK could be downloaded in the Drive App.