Looking for advice - City on desert


I need help with something i currently working at. It’s not gonna be game, just want to make some walk-through.

So my goal is to recreate a city from a old game. It’s futuristic city in the middle of desert with asphalt roads, grassy parks and other stuff behind big walls that is not “common” on desert :slight_smile:

I already created a Desert landscape with Material layers etc now i try to figure out whats best method to start building city. City it’s not gonna be flat i need some uphill and holes.

What will be better:

  • Adding more layers to my Desert so i can paint grass, sidewalks & roads on single landscape.
  • Makeing a hole in Desert landscape and place 2nd one with different Material and layers (seams would be covered by city wall)
  • Building everything from Static Meshes. (Roads, grass fields, uphills)

Maybe there is some other way? How open world game’s deal with this? What’s better in terms of performance?

You can have a single landscape with multiple material layers. There are examples and market extensions for this.
There are also tutorials on how to create landscapes holes.

If you only create a walkthrough scenery without gameplay, keep it simple use one landscape, you can remove landscape parts when you finishing up, until then you can model the landscape, create hills, or rivers. Then place static meshes to design your city. The material can changed anytime, but computing a landscape material with several layers can take some time, depending on landscape size and the materials used. So I would use a simple material (maybe a free one from an Unreal library example project, then change it later if required - replacing it or modifying that is).

For games you can have a big landscape, or you can have a small or medium landscape, and load new levels with or without their own landscape at runtime (streaming), or you switch levels entirely, through exits.

Thanks for info, so it’s looks like in my case is better to add more Layers to Material. Now i have 5 while 4 of them are different “sand” textures with alpha to create variation and blend them with each other.

BTW Is there any “limit” of layers? Even if its not be problem in my scene?