Looking for Advanced Network Programmer

We are looking for someone who has experience creating custom network solutions that push Unreal outside of it’s comfort zone, above 64 concurrent players. So experience working with and modifying the engine itself as well as experience with large scale network deployments is a big plus.

This position is remote or in-house if you are interested in relocating to Montreal.

Please send linkedin profiles and code samples to


I understand if you would prefer to not release the info, but I would like to ask whether you are seeking to create a massively multiplayer solution for UE4 solely for your own purposes/games or might possibly be considering selling a (much needed) generic solution on the Marketplace?

Nope to both account… It wont’ be a marketplace product nor will it be MMO related.

That being said it certainly will require elements of MMO architecture such as persistence, 100-200 CCU’s, cheat protection, etc etc

If you succeed in producing a solution that extends UE4’s multiplayer limits, a derived plugin would sell extremely well on the Marketplace… :smiley:

What’s the point to try to stretch out UE4 for more players while it’s possible just to use 3rd party server + UE4 just as a client?

For example?

I mean, to use UE4 as a client only and write own server in any different tech/language.
As I understand, anyway UE4 can’t handle server side in case if you need any scaling (multiple servers for a single session and so on).

Indeed, that path has always been available, but it is not a simple or easily achieved task. A ready made scaleable server solution remains elusive, however, and it is such a solution, I believe, that would be most useful to indie developers.

Still looking to fill this position, any interested parties please fire off an email to


I think you get more takers if you indicate what level of funding your studio has, how far you’ve gotten already on the game, what your team has shipped before, what level of compensation you’re open to, etc.
(An indie gamedev in Argentina makes less money than a full-time gamedev at Electronic Arts makes less money than a network expert at Oracle or Google.)

  • This would be a long term position covering multiple titles, we work on a few dozen per year, compensation would be competitive.