Looking for "actually usable gym stuffs!

ok i’m interested in make a “simulation game” and i’m looking for “gym props” to make a gym in my world, however i don’t want just “static meshes props”, i want “rigged/skeletal meshes” stuff or stuff which actually “can be animated and work”, threadmills, exercise bike, punch bag and others “usable stuffs” being actually you know “usable”.

i’ve tried look at some stuffs on the market but so far i just got frustrated because all the stuffs i saw where just "static meshes/props/deco which go against what i really need, while i can understand some stuffs like lift bells and others “small stuff” being static meshes see stuffs like exercise bike or threadmill being just props annoying me a lot in the market, i really feel it’s time for the "teams working in making props to pay more attention to those details, as the games evolve and we need to more “immersion” to still have stuffs like refrigerators, washing machine some others stuff being just static meshes props is really start to looking “too old dated” for me. i really wish the artists start to pay more attention to those details and make more “immersive stuffs” instead of just go with the old fashion way to make simple props for everything, while i can understand some stuffs still being static meshes and making sense, others stuffs really start to make less sense and it can make peoples losing more “potential buyers” by not having those key stuffs being “usable”.

well if anyone know any product which "usable gym stuffs please post here.

thanks all.

I could make these place them on marketplace, thou animation would be done via Blueprint and timelines, as skeleton mesh is overkill for such simple animations in my opinion, what specifically would u want?

well stuffs like those:


ok those are some exemple of stuffs wold be good to see then being more than just “props” if you could producte stuffs like those ones and even more which could be interactive then it would be perfect.