Looking for active team!

Hi! I am JeffRayy and I am looking for ACTIVE team. I am 3D artist. My team currently consists of 3 persons:

  • me (3D artist, animator, main recruiter),
  • Elkantor (Programmer, BluePrinter, story writer),
  • Cj (3D artist, BluePrinter).

Talents required:

  • 3D artists
    • ability to export to FBX format,
    • ability to work min. 5 hours per week required,
    • experience with Blender / 3Ds Max / Maya / others required.
    • ability to create UV maps / Textures / normal maps a bonus.
  • Textures Artists
    • ability to work with 3D artists,
    • ability to work min. 4 hours per week required,
    • experience with any graphics software required,
    • ability to create UV maps / Textures / normal maps required,
  • Programmers
    • ability to work min. 5 hours per week required,
    • ability to work in UE4 required,
    • experience with C++ required,
    • ability to work with BluePrints a bonus.
  • BluePrinters
    • ability to work with BluePrints required,
    • ability to work in UE4 required
    • ability to work min. 5 hours per week required,
  • Level Designers
    • ability to work in UE4 required,
    • ability to work with 3D Artists required.

Concept :

The action takes place in our world (realistic) in 2016. The player controls the main character, in TPS camera view. The player can choose an infiltration style, without killing anyone, just hide himself, or a combat style, killing everyone (or combine these two styles, of course). He can find weapon or other things during the level.

Context :
Your character is a prisoner, in an old building (probably an old hospital or something like that). He want’s to escape from this jail (for the first level). He’s a 30 years old normal man. The universe of the game is based on our world, and the action takes place in USA, so there are mutlicultural characters, with differents cultures (black/white/mexican people…). The character is kidnapped by a mercenaries’s group, because he has seen something, probably a murder, and they caugth him to avoid witnesses. They don’t know, for now what they should do with us (maybe we can imagine that they organize slave’s trade, and it’s for that we are still alive)… But they are ready to kill us if we try to escape. So our character can kill them because we are in self-defense’s state.

Technical stuff :
You control your character with a centered camera, and there is a little shift left for aiming, like in Uncharted, or Watch Dogs…
You have, again like these game, a cover system, to hide from enemies, or to get cover from bullets. You can climb sometimes to get high, and, for example, to evaluate the scene or just go ahead without being seen. After climbing, the character is less able to aim precisely, and he’s noisy (due to his exhausting), so he can warn enemies in a specific area.

If you are interested to work in our team, contact with us.
Skype: filip12995

We will tell you more on priv. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want.

Just to know, the plot is a little generic right now, because we are currently trying to develop a first level (less work than developping an entire game of course, it’s much more realisable), with, maybe, 15 to 25/30 min of lifetime max.
So, with that plot in mind, we can imagine everything we want in term of story, after this demo.
Again, it’s not very original because lots of games begin in a jail’s scene where the character needs to escape (Dishonored, Uncharted 4, or even MGS V in a sens, to speak about recent games). But the fact is, yes it’s not original… but that works… And with more imagination, we can get it more interesting later.

A scene like that is (I guess) a very good training to learn many aspect of a game’s structure. We have the cover/third-person/infiltration system (which deserves animations, triggers…), a level design with a little verticality’s aspect in a closed-space, IA system with round’s guards and detection… So I think it’s a really great first level to develop, with lots of cool stuff to make.
And lots of work of course, but isn’t it exciting ? :wink:

Still looking for team!

Sounds interesting as I’m looking for a team to be involved with, its not too ambitious which is also good IMHO. I’m primarily a programmer with some basic modelling skills. Could you share any progress you’ve made e.g. concept art, some early models, environment …

We don’t have any concept arts. We have basic modela of hospital. If you wanna see it, add me on Skype: filip12995