Looking for a way to trigger an event when a post process volume is "active"

Hello there !

Like I said in the title I’m looking for a way to trigger an event when a post process volume is “playing”.

For my exemple I have a Post Process Volume used for an underwater “state”.
I’d like to know when the underwater effect is on screen so I can trigger Particles / sounds and other things…

I tried to do it by other ways (like overlap components) but I really need this to be linked to the camera and not my mesh…

I’m a little bit lost, I tried many things but can’t get it to work properly… (i’m a blueprint noob beginner :wink: )

If someone can help me it would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Sorry for my bad english, I hope you’ll understand me !

Have a wonderful day

Place a volume/box/CollisionDetector asset and use the overlap event…

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Hey Neongho ! Thank you for your answer ! :smiley:

The thing is that I would like to trigger the event at the exact moment the effect is triggered on screen…
When I use the overlap event I can’t get it right, I tried to make reference to my Camera but can’t get it working properly tho !

What I could use is a node like “Is running” for my post process volume but can’t find something similar :frowning:

Hey but the problem is that your camera does not overlap with the volume ?

Why don’t you do it the other way around: trigger the PPV AND camera effects together when certain conditions are met rather than trying to catch up to the PPV?

Hey ! :smiley:

Thank you Neongho, yeah I can’t get the overlap between my camera and my volume, I tried to see if I had any result with a print string but can’t get it to work…!

Hello pezzott1 ! Thank you too !
Honestly I tried things like that but ended up in a big brain fart since then…
I’m not home and with a laptop right now so I don’t have my project but I’ll try to recreate something similar so I can show you the idea…!

This is my character and the camera (child of the head bone)

Here I have a simple plan with a water material applied on.

Under that I have a Physics volume to simulate a “water” physic on my character
And I have my post process volume (same size and place as the PhysicsVolume) to make a blue effect (in the end I’ll use a Chameleon Post process effect)

For exemple I tried to have a trigger box with an OnActorBeginOverlap triggering the post process effect but it ended up playing the effect when my character’s feet or other parts were touching the box. (So I tried to trigger it when the camera or the head bone are overlaping the box but I’m a big blueprint noob I’m so sorry…)

Same thing for the movement mode “Swimming”, I don’t want to trigger the post process effect if my character swims but my head (camera) is above the water surface…

I have the animations working, I have the Physics working, but I’d like to know if my camera is underwater or not, so I can apply a low pass filter on my sounds / call particles effects and post process effect when i’m going in and out the water, etc…

I’m so sorry, thanks you two for your time and your kindness !
Maybe there are some really easy solutions to this, but I still don’t have the logic… (but I love doing blueprints tho).

I’m a sound designer / composer but I’d like to be able to program all my sound effects by myself… So I’m learning ! :yum:

Have a beautiful evening

Because you are using onActorBeginOverlap.

So I should use OnComponentBeginOverlap ? On what ? :disappointed_relieved:
I’m a little bit lost right now sorry, but thank you !
I’ll try all these things again wednesday evening when I’ll be at home ! (hoping my brain will be back with me)