Looking for a unreal engine programmer to teach me programming for games

Looking for a unreal engine programmer to teach me programming for games i pay per hour of class , send me a offer of how much money per hour you cost . i speak Spanish and English

Hi @elauski,


Have you tried Online Learning - Unreal Engine? Plenty of Free Video Tuts on Youtube as well. If you pursue self-learning, you can post question here in the forums, answerhub, or Game Dev Community. If all fails, you can search Google.


I’m a 5 yr UE4 Blueprints Scripter with Networking experience (20 years overall experience in games programming). I’ve developed many subsystems for games as presented inmy Survival Game. I charge $2 USD per minute of consultation, paid upfront, non-negotiable, non-refundable. Scheduling is simple. Make Payment ($2 x Duration in Minutes) + Note with your Time Availability. If you have any questions, inquire via Discord.

Good Luck to you on your Game Dev Journey.

Hey there,

I hope this message finds you well?!

Although UE4 is not my day job, I am an enthusiast and have been using UE4 for around 7 years.

So far I have put many applications together, most varied by nature.
I’m about to embark on another, ThisIsSka!!!

ThisIsSka!!!, is based on 2Tone, Ska music, between 1979 and 1981, in the UK.
It is data based, workflow:
, Microsoft Excel CSV (comma separated values) to UE4 data tables via UE4 data structures.
There will be lots of audio and video involved and UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) designing to do.

As you can imagine, learning UE4, is more then a feat, there are so many areas to it, and there are many different ways to accomplish the intended results.

I am willing to teach you what I know of UE4, via a project based approach, though I’ll make it fun and interesting along the way.

Please tell me about what you want to achieve with UE4 and we can discuss further.

All the best and enjoy the weekend,

Smudgy67 (