Looking for a unreal development team

We are looking for a outsourced development team, both for projects and for ongoing R&D of our in-house real-time 3D Architectural visualization software, based upon UE4.

  • within CET timezone
  • registered company
  • well establish team with (senior of the team) at least 5 years of programming experiences.
  • C++, Unreal Engine Coding

Please comment or PM with your contact, Case studies and CV.

Hey Alex, this sounds right up our alley, as we have loads of experience with Arch Viz software and Unreal. Are you looking for any 3D modeling work as well or only programming? Thanks!

We are looking more prio on programming.

We already has a team working on the 3D modeling. However if things works well, we would consider doing everything under the same roof.

could you PM me with your company details, some recent case studies and CV of your team lead programmer?