Looking for a UE programmer with network experience for a cloud application

Hi, I’m looking for a UE programmer to handle a simple, but perhaps less traditional project. We need to render frames of a view remotely and we need to dynamically change some of the assets being rendered as we get the latest versions. We are generating large amounts of depth/displacement maps remotely and storing them in AWS. We need to apply these displacement maps to a plane(s) rendered in UE and save a screenshot/capture of the view of that displaced geometry.

Essentially we need to be able to send requests to UE to say “take this map, apply it, save a screenshot, and wait for the next one.” The requests and maps will comes from AWS and may be very high throughput. That might mean multiple views/planes, multiple instances of UE, or… well, I’m not sure of the best solution hence the job posting :slight_smile:

If this sounds like something you’d be interested and would like to know more, please get in touch.

Hello There!

I’ve been working in Unreal for about 5 years on projects ranging from professional architecture tools, Photo-realism, Puzzle Adventures, Action Side Scrollers, to (seriously) VR Porn. By the sounds of it, you might be working on a computer vision project? I was Software Lead for my Robotics team in college, competing in the NASA Mars Rover Challenge.

I’m currently working as Lead Programmer on a couple of side projects (Yuna, Nina) and as Senior Programmer for an ambitious Multiplayer project (Thunder). You can look me up on LinkedIn or take a quick peek at my Portfolio.

I consider myself an expert in every facet of the Unreal Engine, I’ve lead teams in both design and programming, and can wear almost any hat during development. Let me know when we can set up a time to talk - I’m based in West Coast USA and am free anytime between 10AM-5PM PST.

You can email me at [EMAIL=“”]

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi, I understand your requirement and I want to be happy with you as i have done similar work before. please connect me over Skype cis.am3 or email me at frank1 AT talentsfromindia dot com Regards Frank