Looking for a tutor/mentor/teacher specific tasks

Good day Devs

I would like to request 1 hour paid sessions with someone over teamspeak to teach the limitations of unreal packages on the marketplace and to teach me fundamental game building concepts.

what this will include but may not be limited to:

explaining the nodal layout and maybe sometimes stepping through a process to connect things or make functionality.

explaining key concepts like state machines, struct trees and how to implement them

i am a 3 yr electronics engineering student
2+ years of hardware coding experience but not much game design or IT background. Very naive in game terminology.

sessions to ideally be 2x 1 hour sessions twice a week.

happy to $80 an hour and pay through paypal

what i would like to focus on in the first session would be the snap in inventory from the marketplace and the best method to implement a crafting system into it.

Hello! I’m a pretty experienced C++ developer and I’ve worked with every aspect of Unreal Engine 4 over the last 5 or so years. If you check even my recent posts, the only thing I’ve ever really questioned on this forum is extremely technical challenges and limitations of the engine. I know every limitation and have tested just about every last one. I could hop on TeamSpeak whenever you request, I am a very professional clear speaker with a very professional clear microphone. I will not waste your time or money and if there’s any question I can’t answer - I surely will get to the bottom of it! I’m currently developing my own social VR platform on Unreal Engine and can show you example work of my engine limitation stress tests.

I can explain from the fundamentals to the extremes! The nodal layout, state machines, struct trees (Blueprint system) is a cake-walk for me and I’ll make it the very same for you! I’ve worked with a large scale of inventory systems and created my own from top to bottom, the first session would be a breeze!

Contact me on Skype : mauriouspaul

Or email me : [EMAIL=“”]

Take a look at my game at Play store…kci.fpsecatkci

Sent you a private message :slight_smile:

sent you a PM! :smiley: