Looking for a time travel game?

A few years ago when I was trying get to know UDK (I still didn’t) I found a game that essentially played like Braid (way before I even heard of that game). You move around 3d puzzles and you use a second person to help you. Now my memories a bit fuzzy but I believe you time traveled to do it, though it’s completely possible that there was just another body sitting around for you to control. The level as I recall was shiny/reflective and futuristic like the UE4 mannequin and sample levels.

I believe I found it while searching for time travel and/or UDK samples and while I can’t say for sure when I found it, it WAS before 2013.
I looked for UDK samples and games with time travel but I haven’t found it and since it MAY have just been a sample, I probably wouldn’t from lists, so I’m asking if any of you know what I’m looking for.

“in Rewind you manipulate time and clone yourself to solve puzzles.”](Rewind is now on Steam! - UDK Projects - Unreal Engine Forums)…?

Yes yes, thank you, Prometheus was the game; gonna checkout Rewind :smiley: