looking for a texture-re skinning tutoral

hello all

i am new to the ark/ut 4 format…
but im really wanting to make some new skins for the dinos… as i find they are kinda ugly and dull… sorry thats the girl in me.

was hoping to do some themed skins based on animals that exist now… ie colorful frogs and geckos…

but i cant seem to find a tutorial on re skinning the creatures and objects, its probably super easy, but dang it i cant find anything to help me.

any information would be appreciated.

thanks for your time


Well, I am no pro, but working with the WEAPONS, all I did was export the files from the Ark Dev Kit, open them in Blender, exported the textures from blender, worked on them in GIMP, reimported to blender, attached the textures and reimport to the dev kit for use. I have been able to make quite a few changes just doing this. The dino’s I am sure can’t be that far off.
Essentially, at the very least, you should be able to directly search and export the TGA files for the dino textures, edit them in Gimp of some other program, and reimport as a TGA file for use. From there, you simply go to the dino model file, find the part where it lists the OLD texture for use on the model, and tell it to use YOUR NEW TGA file instead. Should be that easy.

Importing TO/From Blender

This video shows how to improt/export from dev kit to blender, SAME EXACT PROCESS IN YOUR CASE, except you want to find the TGA file associated with the texture for the specific dino, export THAT for use in GIMP, export from GIMP back to a TGA file, and reimport that into ARK Dev kit for use on the dinos! I will make a quick video on how to do this, because, your right, lots of words here for what is actually a simple process, easy to do! Will post in a couple of minutes!

Texture exporting/importing, just put together right now to help you!

thankyou soooo much!

that helps… alot.

next question
do you know what id have to do to make extra skins? or just upload them to the mod folder… each dino seems to have 3-4 skins… and what im trying to do is add more skin options for them to spawn in with . is there any blueprints or things i need to change to link the new textures i create with different names to the creatures?