Looking for a texture artist fluent in unreal material editor

I’m looking at utilizing some of of my 3d modeling experience and releasing some modular building assets for the marketplace. The position will be paid, or royalty, depending on your preference. If you’re interested, skype me @illuzioun

I’m looking at setting up approx. 35-50 objects. Some will be easy, others might be more complex. Most of the assets will be modular building components.

I’m still looking for someone for this. Here’s some more details.

I need two types of materials created for siding for a house. These must have a dirt mask to be able to define the amount of dirt, change color, and normal map intensity through parameters in a mat. instance.

Same as above except for roofing mats.

Same as above for interior walls and trims.

same as above except for window trims, and doors.

Essentially I need two exterior mat instances, two interior, two roofing, and two trims. Please skype me if you’re interested. All of the objects are uvmapped and lightmapped. I just need the mats created.