Looking for a Technical Programmer

Hello; my name is Norman Wilson, but people call me “Normdiggy”. I am working on a video game demo with a small team (Squeaky Grease Productions). The name of the video game we are working on is a called “A Shadow’s Trail”. This game is a 3D stealth/action/adventure title that takes place in Feudal Japan—you will play as a Ninja. Currently, we are in a need of a Technical Programmer. The role of this person is quite simple. We need someone who can implement the control functionality of the game-play with the controller itself; making the character roll with the Xbox 1 controller; making the character climb over walls with the Xbox 1 controller, etc. And yes, the animations are already done as well to make these game-play mechanics happen. And also, this same person must make sure every team has the latest build of the game using Tortoise SVN or Source-tree/GitHub, or whatever you decide to use—we just need to make sure each member will have the latest build.

The blog for the video game is: or

If you are interested, I would love to be in contact with you. Please reply to this thread or contact me directly at I prefer that would you contact me via the email listed. I hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks to all those who read. God Bless!