Looking for a Technical Artist or 3D Modeller ?

Good day everbody,

I have skills in technical art and environment modeling. For most of my projects I’ve worked on both scripting and 3D modelling.
I have previous professional experience as Level/Mission Designer for console and PC games.
For details please contact me via my web-site:

Here are some screenshots from projects that I’ve worked on:

Here are also some of the projects not listed on the mentioned web-site:

“Hyperspace”: a survival space-simulation prototype:

“The Golden Marlin”: an first-person adventure-puzzle-action game:

“Scraps”: Environment visualization done in UDK:

Currently I live in Koln, Germany. If somebody wants to contact me for a short-contract I would prefer to work remotely, If it’s about long term contract I’m willing to relocate.

Best Regards,