Looking for a team

Hello my name is Anthony I am looking for someone or a group of people that want to stick to a project it’s very hard these days to look for a team that will like to stick to a project. I really want to make a first person shooter that can actually have a third person view as well. I’ve been a Delta Force fan for a very long time from nova logic game platform and engine, and would love to take this game for the nova logic community. When nova logic was working on delta Force angel Falls they never came out with the game and gave the community up to new owners that doesn’t know anything that nova logic did for their games and their community. I would like to see who would actually like to work together and work on a new joint Operations typhoon Rising 2 with with game modes that are team Death match team king of the Hill death match advance and secure and also co-op and Search and Destroy. I am willing to pay for the assets myself I bought a lot of stuff to probably get setup at any time to work on some of the project. And I’m willing to buy everything if anybody need something for the game that we are building i’m willing to spend to bring our game to life. I want to have partnership with people as well even when we come out with this game I want you guys to get paid as well as I am i’m being very serious about this I really don’t work I am on a disability but I love to learn new things and also we all love to accomplish something I really want to accomplish a game that people would love to play that has more opportunities at there eyes while playing this game. I am also opening up to modding and working on maps when this game is done and brought out to the community so they can actually mod or whatever they want inside the game when they are getting bored with the assets that we put inside it as well. It’s been always a dream my father passed away this April on the 3rd he started getting me into games when I was about 15 we always talked about working on a game together while he is making maps while I actually was doing the 3D modeling and buying models from turbosquid in the marketplace from unreal. I’m willing to buy every weapon pack there is on unreal Engine Marketplace that has to do with military not syfy I wanted to stick with military realistic something like battlefield 4 it’s been always a dream for me to do this because I really want to build my own community and have someone count on us to make them happy even if bad replies and good replies knowing that we try our best and showing the knowledge that we have towards the community that build.