Looking for a team

Looking for team members to work on a series of different games over time ranging in genres and types. If interested please PM here or on discord Mirai#3216. The game that is developed will be decided when there are at least two members.

Current Team
Position: Project Manager, Story Writer, Lore & Character Concept (Not Art)
Likes: Open World, MMO, RPG, Realistic Inventories, Anime, Farming Sims, Character Customization, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Story Writers

  • Will need to be able to work alongside the Project Manager
  • Does not have to have experience


  • Need someone who can tie in all the different work the others do and make it into a playable game.

3D Character Artist or 3D Monster Artist

  • Needs to be able to create characters or monsters.
  • Rig characters or Monsters.

3D Assets

  • Need to be able to make any assets for the game such as tables, chairs, etc.
  • Ability to rig assets a bonus.

2D Artist

  • Expected to create 2D assets (HUD, Menu Screen, Logo, etc).