Looking For a Team To Make A Survival Horror Game!

Project Title: “The Graveyard”
Objective: Make a Realistic Horror Game ! Really Scary!

Hello Guys I’m Santiago and I been writing a horror game with a friend for a while, I’m a music producer , sound designer and I want to do level design. I’m looking for team members who wanted to get experience with the engine also horror Fans. my idea is a horror game between Old Silent Hill And Classic Resident Evil with new Ideas. If you’re interested contact me by message or send me an e mail to:

We need :
*3D Designers
*Audio Engineer/Composers

*The Game Will have Realistic Environments:
*Cinematic Horror Approach
*All ideas are welcome as long as they work !
*Game will be based on Real Facts! that I won’t Reveal Yet

Feel Free to Contact Me If You Have Any Questions:




I Would Like to Release this project in Both PC And Consoles, Thanks for your Support!

I think you are not “looking for work”, you rather want more members for your project.
So i am moving this to other subforum.


I Want to help you with sounds :smiley:

Email me if you ever need help with UI/HUD designs/concepts

Nitro17 i am beginner-mid c++ programmer, i like fps games and third person shooters games, if you need help, pm me