Looking for a team to Develop realistic FPS multiplayer game

I have a great idea i have written down in documents for a free to play realistic FPS game, with many modes, amazing new features and old inspired features from amazing classic shooters. As a designer i have not nearly the time to complete this or the knowledge to complete this on ,y own so i am searching for a team to take this job for me. However. (PLEASE READ THIS PART) I do not have nearly the amount of money to complete this project. This is why i have come here with an idea which i believe is great, but of course some may not see it as that. Anyhow. My idea is that of i would definitely be able to pay some, so what i had in mind is after negotiations, i would be able to pay small amounts, indie prices for several stages of work done until we can get a good showcase of the game, something to show the features, of the game and some established mechanics and polish the showcase a little. After which a campaign on kick starter would start with the goal being set by the both of us after negotiating estimated price ranges. Of course not all kick starter projects are funded well, so if not fully funded the project would go on with the money that has been raised, until it runs out. At that point the project would be paused, but all the work that was done was paid for, and i would be able to keep the project being worked at the very least. If fully funded then we can proceed until the finish of course. I know this is not usual, but it is the sole way i can proceed if you are willing to be lenient with starting payment, however i truly believe in this project and have thought this system through for many days. I do have many assets from the market place that can be used in fact i would like to use some as well, to reduce cost of overall game. However i would still want a team to consist of all necessary members, Programmers, animators, modelers, UI designers, Sound designers etc…
If anyone is interested please contact me by email at
I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Note: if you do not agree with this tactic please do not write any comments about it. it is your opinion and i understand, this is a tactic i have thought through and wish to give a try Thank you.
Another Note: If anyone has any others ideas or is interested and does not like this method and would like to contact me with others solutions, please do so as well, i would be happy to hear.
Thank you.