Looking for a team to create my FeelGoood app on VR

I have a FeelGoood app, that offers smart affirmations, which, if you focus on them, gradually increase your emotional state. It is successfully launched on mobile devices and collects registered users and a great feedback. I plan to create a 3d environment (For example, for the beginning it will be image of cosmos with surrounding planets). A user will fly through (by cinematography) and stop to see a floating text, that flows one after another (Database of text is stored in MySQL and is my personal input into this project). There will be gates for other levels of emotional states, endless opportunity to continue adding more environments, because database of the text is constantly increasing.

I am looking for a talent/or two who can put this all together. Particularly, programming/blueprinting fetching text from database, make its 3dimentinal view, and floating it toward the actor, following his/her controls.
I can buy necessary assets and promise a share of the future income.

This is not a game, but people do look for useful tools to help them to “reprogram/NLP/change” their minds in order to release their resistance/doubts/fears/low self-esteem and to start believe in oneself. Would you want this 3D app if it helps you to reach your life goal? I would.

What do you think?

Well, since I receive no replies, I guess there are not many people who are familiar with this sort of work I am requesting. Maybe anyone can give me some piece of advice? Is it about payment? I plan to apply for the freelancer for this type of work, what should I write in the ad/ specific terminology? I have a feeling that people just don’t get what I want.