Looking for a Team to create an online 2 player Co-Op first person Dungeon Crawler game

I am looking to create an online 2 player Co-Op dungeon crawler FPS game and need help with the inner working of the game and I mean all of it, The script is already fully complete and just need a team to help bring it to life. I am not afraid to learn a bit while I assist in the creation of said game but I am a complete beginner to Game Design/Development and would probably only be useful in assisting the Art team in building as close to what I envision what the Dungeon Tower and Characters would look like and in helping the sound team create and edit the sounds as I am very Experienced with Audio Engineering. At this time I can promise you portfolio rights from the beginning and cannot guarantee payment as of this moment as the funds for the game will be coming straight from my pocket. Please do not let that deter you and assist me in creating this project I am very passionate about. The game won’t be too big either as it is intended to be an hour long at most, it is set in modern times and has a couple cinematic scenes and voice acting, Do not worry about the voice acting as I already have them on standby. Upon any kind of additional funding or profit, I will then move forward with the team in creating a contract to reimburse them for the time and energy they invested in me.

Hello @MiniMur, I’m also developing a Multiplayer FPS Dungeon Crawler. A Couple cinematic scenes and voice acting already ate up your budget.

Do you have any Advice for me @TechLord that may assist me in building this game? Should I promise a percentage of the monthly revenue?

@MiniMur As a personal taste I preferred it when people were up front and honest from the get go. There is no guarantee an idea will ever get the financial success that is promised to people (Not that it doesn’t deserve it though!)

The amount of projects you see that are Rev share, with the next best game ever; there are a lot that may never become more than an idea. I hope this isn’t putting you off though! Game dev is a truly exciting subject to be in and you should 100% move forward with your idea. However rather than offering Rev share, continue the honesty you started with and offer people portfolio rights, there are a lot of hungry artists ready to sink their teeth into something to progress their skillset or kick start their career. A lot of people can respect that funding a game, especially out of your own pocket is a huge challenge in itself which I applaud you for.

Openly state to potentials that you cannot guarantee pay at the moment but can offer them portfolio rights from the very beginning. Upon any kind of funding or profit get some new contracts in place that states they will receive some kind of financial reimbursement for their contributions but generally that comes along with signing all the work you contributed over to the company.

Good luck moving forward, I am sure there are people much more experienced than I am to offer some insight which could put you on the right path.

@Rmunday Thank you so much for that feedback and I will be sure to edit the post to fully explain myself!

Hello MiniMur,

Firstly, I would encourage you to pick up at least one more additional Game Dev skill such as 3D Modelling, Animation, Programming. I’m developing those 3 myself, and can tinker with FL Studio for audio if need be. Secondly, this your first game, join a someone developing a similar game (like me). I specialize in Blueprints Networking and Construction systems, and have dabbled with AI Behavior, Persona Animation System, and UMG. You can see some of my work here:

My game is a 1-4 player CoOp and we can discuss commonalities to merge the concepts to achieve a FPS Dungeon Crawler we both can be happy with. You can find me on Discord in the link below.