Looking for a team to build a sim game. WATCHTOWER

I’m looking for a team to make a game called watchtower. It is a game based on national forest fire watchers ( kind of like firewatch ) but this will be a simulator game with many different aspects to it ( discussed more when you’re a member of the team) . You will be paid by Royalties and evenly split between the whole team. If you have worked on games before awesome or if you’re just starting out that’s 100% cool just will need to see your portfolio. if you’re not a game designer and would like to still be part of the team, we are looking for someone to be in charge of the kickstarter/go fund me side of things and PR side of things. We will need someone very good in environmental level design since the game will be based on the outdoors. we will need someone to be in charge of the steamworks ( greenlight ) side of things too. We are looking for people who can spend 10+ hours a week for the game side of things. so please don’t apply if your not 100% commented to the project. You can apply by replying here with your email or skype ids or email me directly @ ( if you do email me please list your skills, position on the team you are applying for and send examples of your work )