Looking for a team to build a big fps styled game.

Hello, everyone, my name is and I have been working with Unreal engine for awhile, however, I usually just create test projects to help build my skills.
Now it’s time I start completing my first game, so I am looking for others with at least the basic knowledge of unreal engine, the jobs I’m looking to fill are below, anyone working on the team will be given a % of the game’s earnings, and all work will be compensated at the end of development as well, any other talk of money will need to be discussed with me at another time.

I am still in the process of building the games core features after that is complete we will move on to landscape design, then creating new models and weapons, and much more

Implemented features:
First/Third Person Camera swapping
Health/armor system
A prototype weapon

Ideas/Unimplemented features:
Multiplayer - Development plans have changed around this is the main priority
Main menu/Ingame menu
A huge variety of weapons, armors, and vehicles
Custom Character designer - will allow you to change armors, your players face, body and much more
And much more that will be discussed with the team soon

Team Member:
(Me) Coding/Blueprinting
David - Landscape designer

Jobs we are looking to fill now and in the future:
3D/Concept Artist
3D Character Artist - I’m not looking to fill this position right now, but please feel free to email me! we may need you in the future.
Landscape designers
Voice actors - I’m not looking to fill this position right now, but please feel free to email me! we may need you in the future.
Texture Artist
If there is a skill you have and I haven’t listed that job, please feel free to email me and I will get right back to you!


WARNING: Multiplayer should be implemented upfront as it affects how you design your code variables, events, etc. Blueprints Network Primer.

Team PHASE is developing an Sci-Fi FPS with similar features emphasizing highly customizable Characters, Weapons, Armors, Vehicles, and Architecture. I’m responsible for scripting the core Construction System. Like you, I too started with smaller projects to build my skill and knowledge of UE4. You can check them here at your leisure.

Our Team, is a step or two further in the development process and we’re open to collaboration.