looking for a team! player can build tanks and online multiplayer


What I’m thinking about the game is player can make Tanks and planes in the building menu then use them in the online multiplayer!
if you want to see the detail contact us.

Who are we?
HIR_0513 is Designer,Project creator,
3DCG artist x1
UI designer x1
Music composer(beginner) x1

Who we need:
we don’t have any programmer

  • Programmer who can work hard x2~x3 HIGHEST PRIORITY AND HIGHEST ROYALTY RATE
  • Sound designer x1
  • Environment designer x1
  • Music composer x1

and if you think you can help us just send message!

This is royalty based so, if we make crappy game we will earn crap but if we get really serious and make great one the result would be great too.
we need people who can work serious with us but doesn’t has to be professional!

this is the building system what we thinking right now but sure it’s really rough-planed.

Thank you for reading!

contact info: (g-mail)

feel free to contact or send reply!
hope we can make good team!