Looking for a team long-term

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Hello Everyone,
My name is Chris, I am looking for a complete team to help me create a horror game that will compete with the top horror games in the industry I am looking to work long hours and all night to help guide us all to the dream we have! this first game will be a small horror game to get us out there and the rest we come up with will only get bigger and better till we are entertaining panels full of people! for anyone interested in joining a team with me message me and if I recruit you I will send you a contract to sign :smiley: good luck to everyone! I will not disclose royalty percentages up front as I do not want people to join just for potential in lots of money I am sorry if that demotivates some of you to join but I want a loyal team who will stick by me rather than a team who will just collect the money and go, this will be a hard journey and I know some of you already knows this but if it means anything to the ones I will choose we can go through it together! I am the story-writer as I have literally no skill in modeling, art or music haha!

email me @

Hey Chris! Do you have a GDD put together, outlining your ideas? If not, you can check out a free template here. Good luck on your project!

What kind of game dev skills do you have?