Looking for a Team for a Fantasy short film

Title: A Promise of Light
Unpaid: Looking for people willing to help for free/experience.
Includes hobby projects, general enquiries

A Promise of Light is a short fantasy film about a young female warrior named Sareen, venturing across the vast wasteland of a dying planet in search of a way to save herself from a mysterious plague. Lead by a magic crystal, Sareen seeks out a doorway which legend tells can lead her to salvation.

Fantasy landscapes
Atmospheric locations
Tense locations

The short was filmed last year and has completed the edit. Currently the film is moving into post-production.

Talented Required:

3D Artist (1)
Environment UE4 wizard
~ Landscapes
~ atmospheres

Lighting TD (1)

3d Character artist (1-2)
~ Able to create, rig and animate realistic 3d monster

Please check out our website: **www.apromiseoflight.com

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.**