Looking for a team (CARNIWARS - Video Game)

Hi everybody,

I’m creating a multiplayer shooter game for pc and looking to gather up some interested people to work on this project.
Currently I have no way of paying, but if the game succeeds on “dev grant” or “crowd funding” payments can be negotiated.

My specialities currently are,

  • Modeling, Texturing, Rigging and Animation
  • Some knowledge of Blue prints
  • External software to UE4 integrations (Maya, Zbrush)
  • Creating Environments.

I’m looking for,

  • Programmers(UI elements, AI, 1st - 3rd persons Gameplay mechanics)
  • Blue print artist
  • Human character, weapons, Environment artist
  • Sound designer.
  • Extra or similar specialities I have.

Here is a link to my current WIP project,

Thanks for your time.

Hi nexust56. Cool Concept and great Art/Animation work. I’m currently building a in-house Markerless MoCap Lab and excited to get into some 3D Character Animation. I’m a Blueprints Specialist, but, not entirely sure what Blueprints Artist is. Can you elaborate?