Looking for a team and project

So I’m looking for a team that has a project in the works to join up and get involved with. I’m new to UE4, want to learn and feel working on something with a small team would be a big help. So if there are any teams out there looking for like minded inexperienced dev’s seeking to make something to learn together respond here.

I’ve completed my first course from Udemy: Unreal Engine 4: How to Develop Your First Two Games by Christopher Murphy.

I am in the process of The Unreal Engine Developer Course - Learn C++ & Make Games. I’ve been fiddling with UE4 for months, and to learn better I do feel starting a project to challenge myself to learn would be ideal. So if your interested in discussing further let me know.

Figured I should show what I’ve been able to put together thus far in my learning:

I am familiar with hack N plan as well as git source control as well.


Currently Working with a team on a project, however the pace is slow for the time being, so I am still looking for another team to work with. With that being said, my focus has been heavily on Level Design recently, My current project has challenged me to Learn:

-World Creator
-LOD’s for Levels
-World Composition
-Source Control systems like Sourcetree, and GitKraken

I am interested in any project looking for level designers as well, as this has been a big focus of my time as of late.

I might have something you’re looking for. It’s not a game. We’re just using UE4 to develop stages for our 3D anime style short series. Specifically someone to build the “levels” which act as our stages for the characters.

I’d be interested in communicating on this, I’ve gotten my initial experience in level design with my first Udemy course, and just the basic assets you can use for free from the Infinity Grasslands set on UE4. The only parameter i probably should have stated initially is that I won’t work on any sexual content stuff. So if that’s a problem I understand.

I just posted this. Landscape designer - Unreal Engine Forums

Ok I’ll shoot you an email to see what your looking for and if I could be an asset in that goal.

That’s alright. It’s not a NSFW thing. It’s normal. And funny.
…We’re trying.

I’d like to discuss the project in finer details with you. If that’ll give you a clearer picture of what we’re trying to do.

Hey Zonen I’d love to chat with you about your goals. We’re a tentatively funded startup and developer’s community channel. Join us at the TAB and ask for Pheromones.

Forgot the link. :slight_smile:

I am looking for a team too. I feel lonely to work alone any more…I have 10+ game dev exp. like young I was doing board games,then flash sooo many years,android…its time for PC and beyond :slight_smile:
I got basic UE4 knowledge and wanna work with team on something…

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My portfolio is here : Music By Rob | Free Listening on SoundCloud

10+ years experience and can make anything and everything!

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Hey, I am really new to UE4 and game development. I get bored of working on little things by myself because I don’t know what I should do. So I am looking for a group of people i can join to give me some more experience.

If you, or anyone is still interested in joining a project, our company is in the startup phase and we have some extremely ambitious projects we need help with. Our main one has been in development for almost 3 years now. You can check it out here:
We prefer long term commitment, and you will be given shares of the company. Full time or part time is fine!

I need some cool people to make a game with. I have a Decent amount of experience and can do pretty much everything basic on UE4. I’m 19 years old currently in the East bay of California. Message me if you want to make a project together or have a team with a project that needs help. Plz Reach out. I have nothing else

I’ve Updated my Initial Post with some projects I have completed with Video. I am currently running through Some FPS stuff and have progressed greatly in learning UE4 and Blueprint Programming. Still interested in finding a team or project to work on. Contact me if your interested.

I sended you a private message.

Just a small update to my initial post, as I am still looking for a team to do some more with. I have been heavily focusing on Level design as of late, I would be interested in working with a team on enviornments and so forth. Just message me if your interested.