looking for a team and people like me :)

Hi there! My name is Alan slaeman and im a 3d art student. I love to make Games and i would love to find people like me! When i say like Me i mean (Motivated, love to make games, Meet new game dev friends, and have a wild imagination)

Im not a pro! But im learning and that is what this project is about! “LEARNING” and have some fun! And if the game is good. We maybe put it out on kickstarter?

What i can do…
*Animate keyframe
*Animate Motion Capture
*Blueprint Unreal
*Level Design

Programs: Unreal engine 4, Unity 3d, Maya, World Machine, Zbrush, Mudbox, Photoshop.

Who can join? Everyone who like to make a game and learn on the way. If you are Animator, 3d Artist, Programmer, Concept artist, Rigger, Level Designer, writer. Feel free to Join! As long as you are motivated.

We will have meetings on skype and talk about deadlines and plan the game at least once a week. So if you dont have skype, get it please.

I have alot of game ideas but i want my team to brainstorm ideas too. So we can discuss what game we should make and have the same goal.

If you are interested contact me :slight_smile:


and sorry for my bad english :confused:

hah,are you chinese? My english is so poor that I can not contact you. I am a motivated boy,I like game,like making game,I am a programmer.

Are really so a treasure-kind guy? We are making this game. Want join us?