Looking for a TALENTED Unreal 4 developer. Paid Position.

This project is for a Talented Unreal 4 developer who has a portfolio with at least 1 FPS game. The graphics will need to be top of the line. This game is for Oculus rift. This is a paid position, doing well will also open other opportunities to you.
Message only if you meet the following criteria.

  1. Have created an FPS before.
  2. Can create an FPS in oculus rift.
  3. Know what and how to use triggers for cutscenes/adminations (We will supply the animator for this)
  4. Can work around a very hard schedule may have to work nights or early mornings at times as this is a team you are joining to some degree.
  5. Must be able to work fast and efficient. We are nice guys working fast in a relaxed environment, no drama just skills.

Please message if you have any questions.
More information will be provided after if we determine you are the right person for the job.