Looking For a Talented Bunch To Join The Trinity Rocket Crew To Work On a FPS Game


 My name is Will Dinsmore, CEO/Founder of Trinity Rocket Studios. We here at TR love video games... we've been playing them our whole entire lives, so we want to make an FPS game combining all the things we love about the games that we grew up playing... and add new ways to play FPS games that people haven't ever seen before... using UE4 to create a professional, high quality game. We are looking for people to join the crew to work on this game, and help make this game a reality.

The positions that need to be filled are:

Senior Multiplayer Level Designer: Help lead artists, and other level designers to create a fun MP environment that embody the creative vision of the game.

MP and SP Level Designer: Create the environment in which players can be in for MP as well as SP.

Senior Systems Designer: Create the core gameplay mechanics that will be used throughout the game, as well as working with the other system designers to create new gameplay mechanic ideas.

Systems Designer: pitch ideas of gameplay mechanics that could be good to the Senior Systems Designer.

Concept Artist: Draw out the MP and SP maps, that will later be created by the level designers. Also draw out characters that will be created by the 3d artists.

3d Artist: Create Characters that the players will play as in MP and SP, as well as create guns/props that will be used.

 The best way to reach us is through our email, so if you are interested in working on this project please do contact us!