Looking for a start


I’m fairly new to Unreal Engine but have made a few scenes/levels and experimented with Blueprinting and got a good foundation to build upon.

Im basically looking for a team that will be able to help me as well as allow me to work on a project with them.
I admit im a bit of a noob but im willing to put in 100% effort.

Appreciate anything thats on offer.

[COLOR=#333333]Hi KingSpud, [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]I’m willing to take someone under my wing, but they must be willing to put in 1000% effort as d[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]eveloping games is a lot of work, especially when your aiming for something unique. [/COLOR]I specialize in UE4 Blueprints, but, have worked with every tool in the UnrealEditor Suite. I also find myself creating 3D models with Blender, drawing concept art in GIMP, writing Design Docs with Powerpoint. One has to maintain flexibility and the will to learn, to make anything happen.

Consider a start with Team HEADLESS. We’re a internationally distributed team of highly motivated individuals.

We develop for the future leveraging:

  • Multiplayer Collaboration.
  • Modular Design.
  • In-game Editing/Assembly.
  • Procedural/Semi-proc Content Generation.
  • Marketplace Assets (substantial investment).

[COLOR=#333333]We’re actively developing our story and design for our [/COLOR]Open-World Action RPG Hybrid set in Apocalyptic World shattered by Dimensional Space/Time Rifts. The GDD/Story [COLOR=#333333]is a [/COLOR]work-in-progress, opened to your gaming ideas. [COLOR=#333333]We’re prototyping many new and interesting game mechanisms. The game will feature various forms of in-game Procedural Generation and Player Assembly featuring the [/COLOR]Collage Construction Methodology[COLOR=#333333]. [/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]

We’re in need of [/COLOR]co-developers with an open-mind, willing to experiment, willing to fill in gaps in the talent pool where possible[COLOR=#333333]. We actively seek out G[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]o-Getters, with the desire to work inside UnrealEngine. [/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]The question you have to ask yourself is, do you want to join a Team hellbent on building kickass games and shipping them? If the answer is YES, then l[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]ets talk when convenient here or on Private Message | [/COLOR]Discord[COLOR=#333333].[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#b22222]TechLord @[/COLOR][/COLOR]