Looking for a specific UE4 Marketplace Showcase/release (UT3 with better graphics)

I’m looking for a specific UE4 Marketplace showcase/released project (it is UT3 with better graphics, basically). Sometime ago I saw a fellow student in our group playing a game which looked just like Unreal Tournament 3 but with better graphics. He told me it was the UE4 Toolset and the game was included within it.

However, today after receiving my licence for UE4 from school I still can’t find this “game” he was playing. It’s not the UT4 pre-alpha, as it didn’t use any placeholder assets and it wasn’t the ShooterGame either, as maps were completely different and it had UT3 weapons.

Any ideas which game he would have been playing? It’s definitely something made with UE4 though.

-It ran in windowed mode (at least on Win8)
-CTF type game/map

The only things that I can image are, that he used something from UDK (Unreal Engine 3) or a project from the “released” or “work in progress” section :slight_smile:

Could you probably post a picture of it?

I was wrong… nevermind :slight_smile:

Didn’t see that you had already listed ShooterGame as not the one you were looking for…

A picture would greatly help, sadly I don’t have one, and when I saw him playing the game was already weeks ago. I’ll have next chance of seeing him play the game next week though (if I’m lucky).

At first I thought the game was Blacklight: Retribution, but it wasn’t that either, that game has some mechanics he didn’t use and it clearly looked like UT3 but with better effects, lightning and overall quality. The map looked like one of the eastern maps from UT3, it had a large church-like structure in the distance, a long bridge/walkaway and possibly another similar building (a very CTF type map, right. Something like Facing Worlds maybe, but not set in space). It wasn’t as Asian themed as most similar maps in UT3 are, it was “islamic” rather than Asian. He didn’t really mention if the project was finished, but it was definitely available for UE4 toolkit.

Something like this? ^^ When yes, then it is from UDK (Unreal Engine 3) ->

That would be pretty much what I tried to describe, thank you. So, this UDK is the old version of the toolkit, not same one as UE4?

I was so sure he was playing UE4 engine game, maybe it was the powerful PC’s we have at school which made it look like so.

Yep, UDK is the free version of the Unreal Engine 3. So the older one :slight_smile: