Looking for a specific item on the Marketplace

Hello there!
Now, I have two questions about the marketplace.
The first one would be if there is a way to look for a specific item on the marketplace. Pretty much a search function.
The second one is more specific: Since I took a break from Unreal 4 for several months due to not having the income to keep up a subscription and school stuff, I don’t know where to find the stylistic rendering Content Example. I have just reactivated my subscription and was looking around the marketplace, looking for the Stylistic Rendering Showcase. I know it was on there somewhere before, so I figured I was just too dumb to find it, but no matter where I look, I can’t find out how to download it. So is it still in the marketplace or is there any other way to download it?
So yeah, those were my questions. Thanks in advance for any answers regarding the two topics.


I just created a topic asking pretty much the same exact question. I’ll just bump this and delete mine. Glad I’m not the only one wondering.

The Stylized Rendering Showcase is now under the Learn tab. :slight_smile:

Thanks Tobbo!

Oh, thanks!