Looking for a Specific Inventory Type (Not sure what it’s called)

Hey all!

I am looking for a specific type on inventory, but I’m not sure what it’s called. I would like to implement something like Subnautica’s inventory system into my game. Where bigger items take up more grid space. I saw on the marketplace the jigsaw inventory, but when I looked it up all I got was tutorials around how to use the marketplace item. Any ideas would most likely help. Thanks!

All i can really say is that there isn’t a built in system for this. If you do not want to purchase the system you referenced you will have to make it all yourself. Not an impossible task but inventories are made of many different pieces so it is a goodly sized endeavor.

A post here can’t encompass the entire project of creating such a system so maybe break it down to smaller pieces then figure out some specific issues you are having.

Though they may not match your exact intention, i know there were several tutorials on blueprint inventory systems a while back you may be able to find with more generic searches.